Immediate Dentures

Don’t wait! Restore your smile today with immediate dentures

We know just how worrisome it can be to plan for a tooth extraction surgery. You might be concerned about how you’ll look after, if you’ll be able to eat, and what your recovery will be like. We’re here to assure you that with immediate or same-day dentures, many of your fears can be alleviated!

Although they work like regular dentures, immediate dentures are designed to replace extracted teeth immediately after tooth extraction surgery. Before your teeth are extracted, your denturist will work with your dentist to create the right denture for you that will be ready after surgery. While your mouth heals from the surgery, your same-day dentures can be used. As the swelling of the gums subside and your dental tissues heal, immediate dentures allow you to eat and speak normally. This healing process can take months, so it’s vital to ensure you get the right immediate denture. Once your mouth has sufficiently healed, most patients transition into wearing permanent dentures.

Before your tooth extraction surgery, it’s important to plan ahead for your recovery and get as much information as possible so you have peace of mind while you manage postsurgical changes. With the right immediate dentures created by experienced denturists, your path to recovery can be much smoother.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

  • Remove and clean your immediate dentures with denture cleaner 24 hours after surgery.
  • Do a warm salt water rinse in your mouth to promote healing.
  • Know that some swelling and discomfort is to be expected.
  • Continue to take any medication if prescribed. 
  • Eat soft, high-calorie foods while you recover. 

Your extraction sites can take four months to heal sufficiently enough to allow for a temporary denture liner known as a “tissue conditioner” to be placed. Between six months and one year, your tissue should heal completely and only then can a permanent reline be done.

How long do you keep immediate dentures in?

It’s important to keep your immediate dentures in for 24-28 hours following surgery, but your denturist/dentist will give you specific guidelines. If you remove them too soon, they can be hard to get back in because your dental tissues will swell even more. 

At your post-extraction appointment, we will check the fit and bite of your immediate dentures and address any concerns or sore spots.

How much do same-day dentures cost?

Every patient is different and so is the cost of their same-day dentures. Price can depend on factors like the specific prosthesis that is used and if a temporary/transitional denture is used. Please call Lakeview Denture & Implant Centre to book a no-obligation consultation to get a more specific estimate.

Can I eat with same-day dentures?

Although it might feel awkward at first, you can eat with immediate dentures. To adjust to your dentures, start with soft, easy to chew foods. As you progress, you can try adding other foods, but be sure to cut them into small pieces. You will get more confident eating with your denture over time, but sticky or chewy foods may always be a challenge.

Can I get teeth extracted and dentures on the same day?

For the vast majority of patients this is possible, especially if proper moulds and jaw measurements can be taken. It may also depend on your dental health history, but this is something we’ll discuss with you ahead of time.